2024 Wool Solutions Wool Bale Auction
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We love when people get creative with their generosity. When Rob, Alistair and Andrew came to us with the idea of auctioning one of their Wool Bales with all proceed would go to RAW, we thought they had read out fundraising bucket list.

Made up of premium Tasmanian Wool, branded to remind the new owner, Australian Merino Exports, know the impact they had empowered. This Bale sold for 2050 cents/kg which equated to $7,134. All proceeds going straight towards Rural Alive & Well.

Watching the Feburary auction online, it was clear the passion the Wool Solutions team have for building a sustainable wool industry - knowing first and foremost that it starts with their people.

We have know doubt their display of passion influenced the national buying audience, with the auctioneer cheekily admitting:
'I think you should all go to RAW's website and check where your Gauge is at. I think most of you live are living in the Red majority of the time'.

Wool Solutions put their generosity into action, which means that RAW can continue to expand face to face support provided to local producers during the present time where situational and early distress is more prevelant due to market voalitity and drought conditions across Tasmania.

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