After attending a RAW Conversation at my workplace, I realised I needed RAW's support to navigate the overwhelming feeling of isolation, the pressures of farm life and motherhood
RAW was the friend I needed when I had no-where else to turn to
Due to a recent shearing injury, I was struggling to adjust to my lack of ability to work. I struggled with a feeling of purpose and RAW is helping me to adjust to what I now realise will only be temporary life situation.
Why RAW?

RAW Conversations change lives.

If you need help during one of life's harder seasons, or are concerned for someone you know, we encourage you to reach out to RAW.

No matter if you are out in the shearing shed, on the potato harvester, or navigating rural living with a newborn, RAW is available and we understand.

RAW is ‘non-clinical’, genuine and non-intrusive. Program support is confidential with no fees for participants.

RAW’s staff have first-hand experience with the complexities which come with living and/or working in rural and remote areas. Each has backgrounds in Tasmanian Dairy, Livestock, Cropping, Mining, Wool Production, Forestry, Seafood and more.

RAW's programs operate statewide in rural and remote Tasmanian locations. All programs operate with the same underlying suicide prevention framework.

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We would love to be able to reach out to yourself or someone you know who could benefit from support. Requests are checked regularly throughout the week, however if you need support sooner please call 1800 729 827
Note: RAW does not provide clinical or crisis support services. If you are seeking crisis support, please refer to our crisis support service suggestions below
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If you know a little about the situational stressors the individual is experiencing, please indicate accordingly
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Please note: RAW is able to still reach out to people who haven't given you permission. This question just helps us identify the best way to approach and contact the person you are concerned for .

Taking the first step can be daunting. Here's some more popular questions about our programs!

Where can I find more support?
Can I self-refer?
Do I need to be a farmer to access support?
Do I need to be a male to access support?
Do I need a diagnosis to receive support?
How old do I have to be?
What are the waiting times to access support?
How much does it cost?
Do you come to me for appointments and where do you travel to?
Do I need to be suicidal to receive support?
Still have questions?
CALL 1800 729 827
Crisis and Further Support

If you are experiencing a crisis, please contact emergency services on 000 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

If you are seeking further support, please use the below for further support options.

Crisis and further support