Tas Stockfeed and WIN air joint commercial
RAW is proud to partner with Tas Stockfeed and WIN and for their desire to build mentally healthy and resilient rural communities.
About the Organisations

Tasmanian Stockfeed Services was established by Trevor Macleod in 2006 and has grown to be the leading local manufacturer of stockfeed in Tasmania.

We provide grain for the benefit of Tasmanian dairy farmers, graziers, piggeries, poultry, flourmills and feedlots.

We source as much local grain as we can from within Tasmania, purchasing during the harvest season and throughout the year.

Where we can’t buy locally, we source from the mainland at competitive rates, thus providing the Tasmanian farming industry with quality and consistent bulk stockfeed.

We are committed to delivering top quality customer service, technical support and value for money by working alongside Tasmanian farmers, in partnership with their nutritional advisors, to help offer the best stockfeed possible.

If you are a local grower and would like to sell grain to Tasmanian Stockfeed Services, please contact us.

Find out more: https://tasstockfeed.com.au/


The WIN Network is Australia’s largest regional commercial television network, broadcasting to more of regional Australia than any other regional commercial network. WIN broadcasts into 29 markets across six states of Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia as well as the Australian Capital Territory.

Get in contact: https://www.wintv.com.au/win-l...

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